About Us

You deserve a service that fits you, not the other way around. At Boxwood Harris, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to understand your unique business goals and challenges. Then, we craft a comprehensive service plan tailored just for you. This frees you up to focus on what you do best – running your core business. We become an extension of your team, offering comprehensive expertise across various areas to ensure you have the support you need to thrive.


Boxwood Harris has a rich history of connecting ambitious companies with the resources they need to flourish. Founded in 2003, we’ve built a bridge between exceptional businesses and the capital that fuels their growth. We cater specifically to institutional investors and family offices, leveraging our global reach and investor relations expertise to drive long-term shareholder value for the companies we represent. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a vast network of investors, ensuring our clients receive heightened awareness, increased trading activity, and ultimately, enhanced stock valuations.

Our Goal

Boxwood Harris is driven by a singular mission: to unlock the full potential of our client companies in the eyes of the investment community. Founded on the belief that exceptional businesses deserve exceptional representation, we go beyond simply raising awareness. Our team acts as a strategic partner, crafting compelling narratives that showcase your company’s strengths and future potential. We don’t just inform investors; we engage them, converting passive awareness into active interest and ultimately, driving long-term shareholder value.


At Boxwood Harris, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities across different industries. That’s why our team isn’t just skilled; they’re deeply experienced in the sectors that drive our clients’ success. Our team members hail from diverse backgrounds in Natural Resources (Precious Metals and Mining), Healthcare, and Technology. They’re not just technical experts; they possess a comprehensive understanding of equity research, investment banking, alternative assets, portfolio management, and the intricacies of both institutional trading and operating companies. This well-rounded expertise, coupled with a strong legal foundation, ensures we can effectively navigate complex financial landscapes and advocate for our clients with unparalleled authority.